January 15, 2022

Singapore Online stores to buy durian paste

By John Grochowski

Durian – the smelliest fruit in the world, with its distinct flavor and sweetness is quite popular in Southeast Asia. Durian is banned from carrying in public transports in many countries due to its unpleasant smell, and Singapore is one of them that have forbid carrying durian in public transport. So, getting durian at your doorstep is the best option unless you have your vehicle. Durian is available in different forms at online stores such as durian paste, durian puree, durian fruits, durian mochi, and other baked products made of durian.

Today, we will talk about durian paste and its uses, plus where to buy it?

Why durian paste?

As durian is only available in June – September, that’s why durian pastes are best if you like to make dishes in its off-season.


Durian paste is best for baking dishes such as cakes, muffins, cupcakes, etc.

Where to buy durian paste in Singapore?

Singapore has many online stores that sell & deliver durian fruits and products related to durian, and we have compiled the list of online stores for you to choose from.

Kungfu durian

They provide the best quality durian fruit and its various products. Offer free delivery island-wide at minimum order of $98 and above; other than that, the delivery charges are $9. You have to order at least a week before to get the fresh durians with the best services.


The other online store where you can get fresh durian paste is shopee. Delivery service available island-wide and have good reviews of customers.


Another Online site where you can find Malaysia’s Mao Shan Wang durian paste, guaranteeing no added flavor&coloring, and additives. The price is around S$80.