Today. The ferry hasn't changed much and still rides the Conneticut River.
Today. All seems the same. Even the Keep Right sign is there.
Today. Other than the old pavement, you wouldn't reccognise it much.
Today. The step seems to be original with the tree still standing. Where's the Fresh Eggs sign though?
Today. Looks close. It doesn't seem as high as it did in the film.
Today. Still looks like it did. Freshened up with a new tree.
Today. This shot is looking out at the river. Not much different.
Today. It can't be mistaken for the house but what a shame.
Today. The scripting is legible and the pattern too.
Compare these scene locales from when
Jessica was shot in 1971 to today.

  Roll the pointer over the                     
picture to see how it looks today.