A woman recovering from a nervous breakdown leaves her New York City life with her husband and close friend for a
country farm in Connecticut. Jessica (the woman) is optimistic and hopeful that this move is a new beginning for her
health and marriage and what better way to succeed this then get away from the stress's of the City. Jessica discovered
a new hobby, grave stone tracing which she joyfully did on they're way to the farm. Jessica and her husband Duncan
drove in their friends hearse which made the journey to each grave site strange to say the least.
This is when Jessica experiences voices for the first time since her recovery and sees a ghostly girl watching her. She
never tells her husband.         
The town that the farm is located in requires a ferry to get to, which consequently contributes to Jessica's fate later. As
the trio enters the town, the community does not approve of the vehicle they drive and didn't mind showing it. Oblivious
to the message they received in the locals welcome, they travelled onward to the farm. Jessica is ecstatic by the serenity
and beauty of the farm. Once again as Jessica approaches the front door of the house, she sees an apparition rocking
in a rocking chair but reluctantly says nothing. Jessica isn't seeing things this time, it's not her mind playing with her as
before. This time it's an evil force that had foreseen her coming and it won't stop. Or is it?
Once she enters the door, she immediately sees a person standing at the top of the stairs who then runs. This time
however, Duncan sees this image too and reassures her it's real. Enter Emily. After a short search of the upstairs they
find this person and are introduced to a century old vampress who has been living in the house since the 19th century.
Emily uses her charm to win over the hearts of everyone and persuades them to ask her to stay. Emily doesn't appear
to be 100 years old, nor evil, in fact she retained her youthful beauty which Woody (the friend) notices instantly. Emily's
plan is working perfectly and soon will erode the relationship between Jessica and Duncan. Both Duncan and Woody
submit to Emily's charm and soon succumb to battle for her heart. Jessica soon realizes Duncan has eyes for Emily and
a relationship had begun. Incidents begin to happen to Jessica. More sightings of that girl apparition she seen at one of
the cemeteries, voices calling her, seeing dead people and a terrifying experience at a lake in which she seen a woman
rising up at her in the water. The town folk weren't helping either. Whenever Jessica and Duncan were in town, the
locals would harass them.  
One by one Emily easily broke down Duncan and Woody leaving Jessica for her finale. The ironic thing is, Jessica the
mental patient, was the most resilient one. Jessica takes one last swim at the lake with Emily but now senses and feels
Emily's evil. While swimming with Emily, Emily makes her move. Pushing Jessica under water which panics Jessica and
makes her uneasy. As Jessica turns to go back to shore, Emily just disappears. Then like before, Jessica sees a woman
rise beneath her in the water. Unable to escape, Jessica is wrestled below the surface by this spectre but manages to
get away and swims to shore.
As Jessica stares back at the lake in shock, Emily rises from the water in vampire form. She slowly approaches Jessica
who is now in a hypnotic state and attempts to grab her for the kill. Jessica pulls away and begins her terrifying journey
for help, only to realize nobodies around. When she searches the house, no one is around. Both Duncan and Woody
have been dealt with. Jessica reaches her room and locks her door, eventually falling sleep from the ordeal. She wakes
later and gathers herself to leave the room, not knowing what to expect. Hesitantly she leaves the house and walks
down the road where she flags down a truck to get a ride to town. Once in town, she searches for Duncan who still
hasn't returned from that morning. None of the sinister locals will help her and at this point, runs into Sam who she seen
dead days earlier. Now Jessica fears all and runs into the woods where from exhaustion, collapses and falls asleep.
Once night comes she is awaken by Duncan's voice calling for her. He finds her and brings her home. That day, Duncan
went to town and was escorted into a shop by the vampire locals and transformed. Now he has brought the locals to the
house to unify Jessica into the vampire community.  Jessica escapes running out of the house ending up at the ferry
docks where she steals a row boat. Trying to row away, a figure comes out of the water, pulling itself up the side of the
boat. It is one of them and she isn't letting it in. Jessica grabs a fishing pick that was laying in the boat and hits the
intruder until he stops and turns over defeated. It was Duncan.
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Listen to Jessica's last words.