Redheaded character actress Mariclare Costello has been in films
and television since 1967. Best known as Rosemary Hunter Fordwick,
wife of Rev. Fordwick (John Ritter) on TV's The Waltons (a role she
played from 1973 to 1977), Costello was also a regular on the TV
weeklies Sara (1976) and The Fitzpatricks (1977). Of her many
TV-movie appearances, she is most fondly remembered as the
aggrieved wife of the title character in The Execution of Private
Slovik (1974). Always a welcome presence, Costello has yet to win
her long-overdue stardom. For a while, it looked as though
Mariclare Costello's breakthrough would be the theatrical feature
Ragtime (1981), in which she was cast as anarchist Emma Goldman;
alas, her entire performance ended up on the cutting room floor.

Mariclare still performs on stage and teaches performing arts at a
univerisity in the U.S
Mariclare Costello