Want to dress up as your favorite celebrity? How about your favorite cartoon character or animal? Do you have a fixation for aliens, ghosts, vampires or
In fact, you can be any of these things with the right costume and accessories. And the best accessory to achieve a realistic look for your Halloween costume
Halloween contact lenses.
These special effect contacts can enhance your eyes, and pull your whole outfit together to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.
With Halloween contact lenses ranging from cats eyes, angel eyes, opaque “sightless” eyes, to complete black out, red eyes or lenses with spider webs on
them, the choice is yours.

Although Halloween contact lenses are often worn only at Halloween or for other special occasions, the same care needs to be taken when handling
the lenses and dealing with your eyes as if you wear normal lenses for correcting vision. If you have never worn lenses before, or are buying a new pair,
it is a good idea to consult your local eye doctor first to make sure your eyes are healthy and you can wear lenses, as not everybody’s eyes can cope with
lenses. Assuming your eye doctor says it is ok for you to wear special effect contacts, there are a few easy safety guidelines to follow to help maintain healthy
eyes and care for your lenses.

Always wash your hands with warm water and fragrance-free soap before handling your lenses, either inserting or removing them.
Keep your fingernails short so you don’t scratch your eyes when putting your lenses in. Wash your lenses the same way you would do with normal contact
lenses. Only used approved contact lens solution. Never try to make your own saline solution and never use tap water to wash or store your lenses.
Store lenses in a correct contact lens case. Keep the case tightly screwed shut when your lenses are inside, and leave the case open to air out when you are
wearing your lenses.

Wash out your contact lens case from time to time to prevent bacteria building up on it. Never put your contact lenses in your mouth to clean them, as saliva is
not sterile. Never share contact lenses with anyone else as this can pass bacteria between eyes and may cause an infection.

But if you take care and follow the instructions given to you by your local eye doctor, and the safety tips given to you above, you can have a lot of fun wearing
your special effect contact lenses.  If you have any questions or concerns, please consult your local eye doctor.
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