great site, I always have loved the film i think Ifirst saw it on abc network in the 70s on the monday night at the movies. It scared the pants off me.
I was about 11 years old when I first saw LSJTD. I was spending the night at my grandmother's house. Everyone else had gone to bed and I was sleeping in the living
room on the couch.
I had the TV on, it was the "Big 10 Movie" and they were showing Let's Scare Jessica to Death.
It was just starting when my aunt was going to bed and she warned me that it was really scary, (her and her friends had seen it at the movie theater.)
Of course this made me want to watch it even more!

Half way through the movie I was petrified, the creepy music alone really got to me... as well as the whispering voices. Very haunting.

At this point I was to scared to even get up to turn the tv off so I was stuck watching it until the end. I ended up sleeping with the lights on that night!

Let's Scare Jessica to Death really blew my mind and I still love it to this day, it really has aged like a fine wine.
Apparently, I was one of the few fans who saw this film in it's original release in NYC back in 1971. It stuck  with me, and I remembered the fragile beauty (not classical by
any means) of Ms. Lampert, and the strange psychology of the movie.

This weekend I finally bought the dvd and watched it for the first time in 37 years. While a bit dated...I think it still holds up, and I am more than ever impressed with
Zohra Lampert's wonderful portrayal of a woman more than slightly past the brink of a nervous breakdown.

Hard to believe both male leads are now deceased. Makes me feel a bit old, but glad to see the film has a strong following even today. Goes to show it's not all about

It was 1971 and I went to see this movie one nite with friends. I thought the name was so cool. I was 15 yrs old at the time and was scared out of my wits.
I have since found this movie so many years latter and watch it every Halloween. I have found the house on windows live and am glad it is still there.
I watched this film as a child I believe on Sunday mornings around 10:15am. For some reason, the night scene where Duncan is yelling "Jessie, Jessie..." is scary to
me.  Kinda off the subject but does anyone remember a film as a child that was shown on TV with witches in a forest? I (and my friend Jonathan Caouette) are dying
to find this unknown film we saw as children.
I haven't seen this film since I was a child but I can remember being horrified. I would love to see the film now that I am an adult but honestly I haven't seen it available
anywhere. The scene in which Emily comes up out of the water still causes hair to stand up on the back of my neck! The horror is subtle but oh so creepy! I think
movies like this from the 70's are better and scarier than anything out today.
I first watched this film with my mother, who loves horror movies and thought it would be funny to introduce me to scary movies as a four or five year old.  The movie gave
me nightmares for months and I was confused by it, but I later developed an obsession with stone rubbing's which my friends thought was quite morbid.  Despite my mother
introducing me to this genre at a young age, I still love a good horror/suspense.  I am not into gore, however.


As a college student, late at night, on an old black & white TV, after having dropped acid.  Enough said.
When I was 9 - 9, folks - making my sister 7! - My parents, along with my aunt and uncle and 2 cousins all loaded into my uncle's Dodge Charger and headed to the
drive-in. Ok, first off, do the math, that's 4 adults and 4 kids in a Charger.  Yeah.  The grown-ups wanted to see Play it Again Sam. And really, what 9 year old isn't a big
Woody Alan fan, eh? So, ok, not necessarily an appropriate choice, but whatever. We unloaded the lawn chairs and the kids set them up in the parking space next to the
car. Can you say white trash? I thought you could. Now anyone who remembers drive-ins also remembers, no doubt, that they were always double features. On this
particular night, the second film was (the not yet cult classic) Let's Scare Jessica to Death. Also, please recall, that in those days you didn't listen to the movie through your
car stereo - you listened to it through little speakers that you attached to your window. Well, at a particularly scary moment in the movie, I panicked. I wanted my mom. I
screamed and ran for the car. Except I was disoriented and I ran for the wrong car, knocking their speaker out of their window at a particularly tense point in the movie and
causing them to scream. At this point my mother is screaming, too, because she realizes it's me causing all this ruckus. So I'm screaming, man in the car is screaming and
Mom is screaming. This disruption to the movie causes all the cars around us to start blowing their horns and - well - yelling then more screaming.

Good times.
I went on the record too about this film being a frightening experience. I saw it when I was younger and when I began collecting horror video tapes, it was one of my prized
pieces. Most Kids would not understand this film because of thTorture genre and how this film keeps gore to a subtle trickle of blood. But this film captures dread like no other.
I was about 9 or 10 yrs old (a long time ago).  We were having a slumber party at my friend, Karen's house.  Let's Scare Jessics To Death came on the TV late that
night.  All the lights were off and I remember it scaring me to death.  I remember her coming out of the lake.  I have been trying to find a place to rent the movie,
however, have not found it yet.

Happy Halloween,
Charlotte, NC
The film kind of holds a place in my heart, It came on my cable company on demand menu back in the winter. I watched it several times. Surprisingly not many
people have heard of it outside my age group (I am 43). The first time i watched it I was probably 8 years old(not real sure). I lived in Rural New England at the time
so the film was eerily familiar. Few films made the impact that one did on me, It was hard looking at mariclaire Costello on the Waltons after that, lol.

I recently saw this movie at a horror marathon in Los Angeles. It was terrific. This movie clearly stood out from the rest of the usual gory B stuff.
As I recall, I first saw the film when it was fairly new. I was about 10 years old at the time, so I did not comprehend all the subtle details, but I do remember it being a
very bizare and scary movie. I saw it with family, and it was part of a double feature (and I think we may have saw it at a drive-in, but not sure). I saw it again on TV a
few years later, and I'm planning to purchase the movie (on DVD), and I know I'll derive much more from it as an adult.

Don B.
I first saw this movie on TV when I was around 10 or 11 years old (I'll be 46 this week!) and it really made an impression on me. I'm a huge fan of the mystery/horror
genre and had forgotten about this movie since seeing it all those years ago. While channel surfing last week, I ran across an old movie with Zohra Lampert in it and
remembered that she was in LSJTD. That prompted me to look it up and order LSJTD  from

What a trip seeing this movie again after all these decades! So much of the film's creepy imagery had been imprinted in my memory as if I had just watched last year;
the odd townspeople, all of the lake scenes, the whispered voices in Jessica's head, etc. were just as I remembered them. Even some of the non-scary scenes, like
the antique dealer's fishing lure chugging through the water had stuck in my head.  One thing that impressed me in seeing it again was Zohra Lampert's performance
as the damaged, delicate Jessica her behaviours and mannerisms seemed quite real to me (I have siblings with similar conditions). Overall a very eerie movie, in spite
of its low budget.

My girlfriend watched this with me (she hadn't seen it before) but she was unimpressed but I think she's more of the gory zombie/slasher type films. Maybe it's a
generational thing, but this is still one of my favorite scary films. I think I'll go watch it again right now... :)
This Movie was and is my dream. It takes me into a most wonderful feeling that is so hard to describe.I have become obsessed with this film learning as much as i can
about it and its actors,writers.etc. I can say that this film made me want to buy a hearse(Damn Hippies) and live in a secluded farmhouse for years. Yes my favorite
horror movie now and forever.
I first saw LSJTD at the old Uptown Theatre on Park Heights Ave. in Baltimore, back in 1973 (triple feature with "The Beast in the Cellar" and "Hannie Caulder").  I was 13
or 14 and it had a profound effect on me.  Later, it became the first videotape I ever bought outright ($60 on Beta) instead of renting.

BTW, to a previous poster, Ch. 45's "Ghost Host" wouldn't have had this...the station didn't get "Jessica" in syndication until after GH went off the air, and GH almost
never ran anything later than the early '60s anyway.  (Oh, what I would have given to hear that creepy voice introduce "Jessica"!)  Ch. 7 in DC used to play it TO DEATH
(and cut to shreds) on their weekday late afternoon movie.

Thanks to the webmasters for this wonderful site!

--Randy Brown, Baltimore
First there's that title. It jumped off the page of TV Guide, where, as a kid, I would always search for the horror movies due to be broadcast that week.

Then, as the film came on, late at night... the whispered voice-overs, the sound of the wind blowing through the bedroom at night, the lap of that cold
lakewater against the shore... the sounds enveloped me. It was like being in a waking dream.

And finally, the imagery, evocative and eerie... the hearse rolling through the streets, the grave-rubbings fluttering against Jessica's bedroom wall,
and that damn girl rising through the lake, hands raised. I never forgot that one.

A unique and phantasmagoric film, all the better for having been seen late at night, in one's own home... while the moon shines outside and wind
flutters the curtains. Brrrr....
this was a great movie that scared the crap out of me and my family!!!
I learned some stuff from that movie
1:never hug someone if they have a scratch on there neck.
2.never follow someone in a graveyard.
3.never go swimming in the water.
4.if you move someplace and you see someone in the house,kick them out of the house!
great movie!!i had nightmares!
I have always been a fan of horror movies, and as I've gotten older I've discovered that movies made long before my time are the scariest ones. I would put LSJTD near the
top of that list.

I had heard once, years ago, about Stephen King lauding this movie with a weird title, so I put it at the bottom of my netflix queue. And one day I just randomly put it at the top
and watched it with my brother, lights out. We were both genuinely frightened of the film (in our 20's!), and found ourselves debating over the next few days if she was crazy
or not. This movie is a true diamond in the rough, one-of-a-kind, and watching it with no expectations that first time really bowled me over. I introduce people to this film as
much as possible, and they always agree.
I live in old saybrook, Ct. 06475. for 42 years. i'd like to know more about the house,as my elder cousin rented it years ago & she experienced abnormal activity after she
came home from work  like the dishes would be scattered around the kitchen.


Bill Daniels.
Jason here from Ontario, Canada.
Saw the film on a cable station, Drive-In Classics a couple of years ago. Though older horror films are my faves, few actually truly scare me as an adult. Halloween, Don't Be Afraid of
the Dark and Black Christmas scared me as a kid, but now I see them as fun classics. This film however had a certain creepy atmosphere that didn't let up. There was something truly
evil in every scene, even if nothing unusual was apparent. The end of the film was truly unsettling. The low-budget production actually added to the atmosphere of the film.
Great to see a site devoted to it!
I'm 21 years old and just saw this movie for the first time last week and i got to say this is one of my favorite movies of all time. I have never
been so scared, no new movie can compare to this. This is truly a classic and i would like to thank the actors and director for making such a
wonderful horror film. I couldn't sleep that night,it horrified me!If you want to see a true horror film, rent this one!
I saw this film in the theatre when I was 5 years old.  It was part of some double feature(remember those?).  Anyway, the whole movie was creepy.  The scariest part for me was when Jessica
was running from Emily and tried to reach her friend fumigating the apple trees.  What she found stuck with me for years!  Every time this movie popped up on TV, I would try to watch it.  
But, that memory would fill me with fear.  I eventually got over it and now I can really enjoy this classic.  It really holds up well - considering its age.  I hope Hollywood doesn't destroy it by
remaking it. - Tara
Well first of all let me say that this movie with it's great actors and music throughout is ranked number 1 on my list of horror movies. I really love this movie!It made me want and yes I bought
a hearse to ride around the countryside in.I can honestly say i have watched it over 250 times and never tire. I watched this movie many times on tv back in the early eighties then renting it
on vhs at the video store. I just love the attic scene when the music starts to play and Jessica  goes to look for antiques to sell and finds emily's picture. I want that picture !Just fantastic the
best horror in my book.
A FAN FOREVER Miles Funkhouser Virginia
I know I saw LSJTD in the 70s as a small child.  I can't pin point the date, but I couldn't have been over six or seven.  I was visiting with a an aunt in Texas and it was the late movie.  I
had a taste for "weird" films very young.  I always wanted to watch anything about monsters or ghosts, even if it gave me nightmares.  I have to thank my aunt or letting me watch
something so spooky.  Although it didn't make much sense to me at the time, certain images stuck.  The bandages on the townspeople's necks, the mute girl in the woods, figures
floating underwater, etc.  I wouldn't see it again for over 20 years.  It's actually scarier now! - ALP
I stumbled upon this movie late one night back in the mid-1970's. I was about 12 and I had never heard of it until then. I watched this movie all alone and never forgot it. What I love
about this movie is that it is more about being creepy and scary and not just mindless gore. Thank goodness for the website, so we fans can come together and relive this great movie.

I first saw this on late-nite TV in the late 70s (big surprise, right??), back when late-nite TV was SO good and SO unpredictable. There are movies I saw then that I haven't identified to
this day, and others I spent years tracking down and got copies of.
I probably saw it in a somewhat altered state of consciousness, as was common in those days, and I had that experience that I had so often then of being completely absorbed in an
entirely different world. I always loved films best that created their own illogical world and drew you into it. Film makers now don't know how to do that. I couldn't figure out what in the
world was happening with Emily and the town, but I loved the atmosphere; by the end I had pretty much figured out that she was Abigail Bishop, but the ending was still a shock and it
reminded me of Night of the Living Dead somehow. I always watched for the film in the TV Guide after that; before I got a VCR, I was in the habit of taping the audio of things I liked
(stereo; cheap mics; TV speaker), and I had a copy of "jessica" which I listened to for years, until I finally got to tape it on VHS. It still remains one of the most original and atmospheric
movies I've ever seen.
--Veronica from Ohio
No one could of done this part better than zohra lampert! When I saw this movie when I was about 12, about three years ago I noticed it was on free movies on demand I haven't
stopped watching it yet! When it aired off TV I was so upset, I went online and bought it, I watch it every single night before bed. The music does something to me I can't explain it!
One of my all time favorites.
I vaguely recall seeing the movie when I was young and stumbled across it again in sued movie section and am watching it right now......
I saw this movie when I was around 11-12 yrs old and had nightmares for years as well as being scared to swim in lakes that were deeper than 5-6ft.
I saw the movie in its original theatre release.  I am an avid fan of the movies leaning toward the sci and paranormal.  The genius of this film wasn't that someone jumped out
at you.  All of those scenes were telegraphed, but they still made you jump.  Now what really gets you is the story from her eyes.  

Right out of a nervous breakdown into these eerie circumstances.  Since you were always viewing things through her filter you were never sure if it was real or a delusion.  
Everything seemed real and it all fit together all the way to the end.  Only at that point were you released to picture reality from out side of her.  There was never an answer
to the real or not question.  All you know for sure is the result of her final action as she sat in the boat aqt the end.  I won't say any more in case someone stumbles on the
site before seeing the movie.  To this day when I think about the movie 38 years ago it still sends chills up and down my back.

I saw the movie in Denver the weekend of the release.  There was one viewer that was at the first showing, locked in the theatre all by them selves.  Talk about scary.  It
would be interesting to talk to that person who won the radio show contest.

Till Later
Mr Bill
I remember seeing LSJTD back in 1973 when I was 8 years old.  Through the years I had memories of this film but never really remembered the plot or any specific
scenes.  What I did remember was the strange sense of fear I had and that this film was definitely burned into my psyche.

Whenever someone asked me, "what are the scariest movies you've seen ?" LSJTD was always on the list, even though I couldn't remember a scene in the movie.

Tonight I found LSJTD in the DVD bargain bin and watched it again for the first time again in 36 years.  What a beautifully made film !  I finally understood what I was
missing all these years.  Finally I had a face to put on the fear.
I think I first saw "Jessica" on late night television when I was a kid in the late 70's.  It managed to get under my skin in ways that most other horror movies didn't; it was
"The Haunting" for that generation.  Looking at it decades later I can see where some would find it hopelessly dated, but having grown up in the area in which it was
filmed I can state that the locals do look upon a lot of the outsiders who moved in the area to become apple growers, artists, potters or whatever with just the
suspicion shown in the movie.

And 40 years later it still gets under the skin.
I remember when the film first aired on television, but was too young to watch it.  The title intrigued me.

Finally, I was able to rent an old VHS copy of the film at Video Journeys in Silver Lake--a section of Los Angeles. The store was known for having hard-to-find titles.
It must have been in the mid-90s. I loved it and watched it several times. While I am pleased that it was released on DVD, I do wish it had some extras.  Oh well, at
least it's available for others to finally see.
Let's Scare Jessica To Death, was the first film that I ever saw in the theatre. I was only 4 years old, but I can still remember it like it was yesterday. It had to be a
"revival" screening of some sorts because this was 75/76. My sister and I went to see it, and it was still daylight outside when we saw it. There were only about 6
others in the theatre besides ourselves, and we were terrified! The scene in the water, is the one that stuck with me the most. Although, the whole movie is like a fever
-dream or something! I still get mad when I hear about someone dissing the film, calling it boring or worse. I think that it should me mandantory for all horror