Emily on porch
Emily's walk to Jessica
The Girl
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Newspaper theater ad.
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Amateur Photo
Japanese DVD
Jessica Puzzle
35mm Film Trailer
A neat piece of art by a terrific artist
who is a fan of this film.
TV Series that used the story line from
  Let's Scare Jessica To Death
This novel was influenced by Scare
Jessica story and the writer is a big
fan of this classic horror. A great
horror novel to any horror fan.
Release date is January 2009
Listen to Orville Stoeber sing his composition
of "
Stay Forever" from the movie.
Look at these 2 aerial photo's of
the house used in the film.
The E.E Dickinson House that
was used for the interior scenes
in the film.
My VHS tapes.
The Chicago Theatre
Gert and Uwe are twins based in Germany whose work centers on wood-cuts, typewriter drawings, watercolors, sculptures and wooden constructions.
Let's Scare Jessica To Death art
created by twin German artists.

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Jessica TV Commercials