July 25, 2021


By John Grochowski

Little artist provides proficient art programs and classes for any kids who want to prosper in artistic careers. They majorly offer these programmes to kids between the age of 2.5years to 17 years who are hoping to advanced their artistic careers in the university or any adult who would want to make the artist a long life career.

An overview of art program offered by little artist

There are several programs about art classes for kids offered by the little artist. They include;

Little blossom art and craft juniors for kids between 2.5 years -6.5 years. This program enhances creating and passion for art at an early age. Kids are taught how to paint, draw, sketching and modeling. This program boosts the kids self, expression, concentration, and positively cultivate their energy. Comprises of 4 levels where a kid is given a certificate at every level.

art classes for kids

Just drawing is a program for kids between 4 -8 years that allows kids to draw accurately and express creativity to the best of their knowledge. Kids learn how to draw a variety of subjects while utilizing all the drawing instruments available in Singapore. This program impacts confidence in learners and also enables independence to kids even in future.

Junior Picassos for kids between 6.5 -8.5 years this program prepares kids for a higher level of sketching and drawing. They ensure the kids can explore observationally and creating artworks, art history and adopting different techniques in a variety of subjects. This is the master art for kids as they prepare to join other art learning centers in Singapore.

Budding artist program 8-17 years which covers a broad spectrum in art and provides visual literacy to each kid. The program has 9 levels from basic to advance where sketching, painting and art history are the main areas where learners are equipped to enable them to advance to different colleges globally.

Little artist provides the best art classes for kidsin Singapore. It has the best team of experts who offers quality art skills to any kid of any level.